Pneumatic push-button valves are used to signal other pneumatic devices within a system manually; they are available with a variety of push-button operators including mushroom, flush, shrouded and knob type buttons available in red, green or black.

Mushroom buttons have a large contact area exposed beyond the panel surface that provides for quick and easy palm operation; they are particularly useful for repetitive processes where a robust button is necessary.

Punch buttons latch when operated; a twist action releases it from a detented position, typically used for emergency stop applications on production lines and only when they are released can a process resume.

Shrouded type push-buttons have a reduced contact surface that enables only a single finger or thumb to operate the button; they are low-profile by design, the bezel not only compliments panel appearance but also protects the valve against accidental operation.

Knob type push and pull operators are raised above the panel surface; this allows the valve to be operated both directions by hand.

The 22mm push-button is designed to fit alongside other 22mm diameter electrical push-buttons to give a uniformed panel appearance.

We offer an ATEX fully certified, CE marked pneumatic push-button valves that comply with the ATEX directive for use within Group II category 2, zones 1 and 21.