Oscillator valves are designed to provide an oscillating output function when a continuous signal, either pneumatic or electrical, is applied to the control input. Interruption of the control signal deactivates the valve.

The oscillating speed of the valve is dependant upon the connected volume and line pressure; a typical operating rate of 16 cycles per minute is achievable.

Oscillator valves typically are used to signal valves, cylinders or other pneumatic devices, used in mixing, stirring or sawing applications where time-critical cycling is not required.

Oscillating valves are either solenoid or air pilot controlled with G1/4 threaded ports.

Voltages are 12V DC, 24; 48; 110V AC/DC or 230V AC. Coils slide onto a brass stem; a threaded cap secures the solenoid coil, a wiring plug can then be connected.


Pneumatically operated D1014 252KB
Electrically operated C1016 203KB
Coils and connection plug M1002 360KB