Flow Control and Logic Valves

Flow control and logic valves are used within pneumatic systems to manipulate air signals to control other pneumatic devices, for example, the speed and operation of a pneumatic cylinder.

Quick-release couplings allow for the safe, quick connection and detachment of compressed air; they are self-sealing, compressed air automatically closes off on disconnection of the coupling.

Quick exhaust valves expel compressed air quickly to the atmosphere; this is necessary where the restriction of air through pneumatic valves and tubing would otherwise cause equipment to underperform.

Directional flow control valves control the directional speed of pneumatic cylinders; they can control the flow in a single direction, or bi-directionally.

Logic valves create sequences, for example, OR logic valves allow the connection of two independent input signals to one device. AND logic valves only give an output when two simultaneous pressure signals are present.

Blocking valves are mounted directly to pneumatic cylinders; they only allow the pneumatic cylinder to operate if a control signal is present. On removal of the control signal, the default position allows flow in one direction or closed off entirely so the cylinder cannot function.