64 Series Solenoid Valves

Kuhnke 64 series pneumatic solenoid valves are manufactured using solid brass, and although they are small in size, they are incredibly robust and durable.

There are three mounting options to choose from; these are in-line, direct, or a manifold mount option.

In-line types are M5 side ported; they are M3 threaded on the underside for securing the valve to a flat surface.

Direct mounting types are M5 body ported with a G1/8 male threaded stem that is designed to fit directly to valves, cylinders or other devices.

Manifold valves are either mounted to an off-the-shelf modular manifold or can be custom attached directly to equipment using a drilling plan.

Voltages are 12, 24V DC: 24, 110 and 230V AC. Standard coil power is DC: 4.6 W and AC: 5.5 VA, low coil power options are DC: 1.8 W.