56 Series Pneumatic Timer

The 56 series pneumatic timer, is built using a geared timing mechanism for precision, designed with conventional sweeping timing hands and a large rotary knob for quick and easy operation.

The 56 series pneumatic timer is a well-known and a favourite standard industry device that offers an impressive +/-1% repeat accuracy. A motor mechanism driven by air provides precise timing regardless of air pressure fluctuations.

There are six models to choose from: seconds, minutes or hours with delay ON and delay OFF timing.

ON or OFF delay timing is achieved by blocking ports of a 5-way valve with a blanking plug. Set the time by adjusting a large rotary knob, a black timing hand shows the time preset time, and a red timing hand the time remaining.

Pneumatic clock face timers consume 9 litres of air per minute at the control port to power the air-driven mechanical motor. On reaching a preset time, the valve switches, the timer continues to use air while the control port is powered.

The rotor stop version is designed to save air energy during the switched condition. This feature is useful when the timer is operating from a limited supply of compressed air, or where the output is active for extended periods.

Connections are to the rear of the pneumatic timer; spring clips are used to secure the timer to the panel, or an aluminium bracket can be ordered to surface mount these timers.

This product, when used within its design parameters, does not have the potential for ignition, therefore, can be used within an ATEX environment. Product group IIG/IID, category 3, zones 2 & 22, not downhole or mining applications which require full independent certification.

Find ATEX declaration of conformity certificates here.


Pneumatic timer QY000 571KB
Pneumatic timer with rotor stop QY001 555KB