PM Series Pneumatic Totalising Counter

Pneumatic totalising counters tally up pneumatic pulses on a 4, 6 or 8 digit mechanical display; often they are referred to as a pneumatic pulse counter or pneumatic tally counter, used for processes where a cumulative count value is required.

Pneumatic tally counters are intrinsically safe, often used in areas where no electrical power is permitted or considered dangerous.

Totalising counters are light and durable; they are maintenance free, designed for a fast and tidy installation, a single connection to the count input port is all that is required to start counting.

Several types of totalising pneumatic counters are available, these include a 4, 6 or 8 digit display, 25 to 100 psi or 7.5 to 30 psi input pressure, with or without a button reset and optional reset guard.